We have all attended training programmes that created a great buzz but little transfer of learning. We think that this a waste. At TalUpp we believe in building sustainable development solutions. Transfer of knowledge and ongoing learning are a big part of what we do. In fact, they are the main driver behind our digital coach that supports an emerging leader’s learning and development on a daily basis.

Leaders are developed

We believe that anyone who wants to, can be a leader in their chosen field - be it as an individual expert, a functional leader or a general manager.  We also believe that leadership development has to start early on in person's career, long before we tend to have the budget and time to formally start identifying our future leadership talent.  We have set ourselves the mission to help emerging leaders build a strong career base - from day one.


We also firmly believe that the best talent is diverse talent. In an increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world, we can no longer afford group think! The business case for diversity has convinced us - the evidence speaks for itself.


Personal development and reflection don't have to happen 9 to 5. Why stop your emerging leaders from working on their development when it suits them: right after a meeting, travelling back from a client site, or when sudden inspiration strikes after a drink with friends or a gym session? TalUpp will be there to support, motivate and challenge them, whenever they most need it.


At TalUpp, our tools and solutions are based on evidence and our work is founded on rigorous theory and research which has been proven in practice.  Leadership may be part art and part science, however, as behavioural scientists we believe that the science part is a much better bet for predicting future outcomes. Our solutions don't just look good, they work.


Dr Ines Wichert, Psychologist and Founder