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Actionable HR Analytics

From individual employees to the entire organisation. Zoom in and out as needed to make better data-driven decisions.

Insights through real-time analytics


Gain unrivalled insights through real-time, multi-source data. Track everything that makes your people successful and make better and fairer decisions. Focus in on one area of interest or use integrated analytics to evaluate the bigger picture. Fuel organisational growth through your people’s success.


One platform for everyone contributing to your people’s success


Keep your people, their line managers, HR and senior stakeholders engaged by giving them direct, online access to relevant data and functionality


A single source of truth for people success

Identify areas of best practice and those that need attention


Quick View tiles show key information at a glance: overview, areas of best practice and areas of concern


See the state of your organisation’s development, performance, programmes and succession at a glance


Powerful filters and flexible drill down


Use powerful filters to cut your data many different ways to help you answer important people questions


Start with organisation-level insights and drill down to departmental, team and where appropriate individual level data

Unbiased, data-driven talent decisions

Answers any people question through powerful, real-time data and flexible filter options. Get clear recommendations for actions that accelerate people and organisational success.

Learn about our other solutions
Develop with Purpose

Align development journeys and succession planning to business needs. Our AI matches employees’ development needs and your succession planning to projects in the organisation. Drive succession planning with self-directed development.

Succession Planning

Data-driven succession planning all in one place. See all your people’s past roles, experiences, strengths, development needs, performance ratings, 360 degree feedback and development progress in one place. Draw on an unparalleled mix of real-time, multi-source data.


Drive personal and organisational success through laser-like focus. Set, align and monitor organisational objectives. Provide clarity and enhance personal performance in fast changing environments.

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