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Scale and democratize through AI-enabled, self-directed development

Reskill and develop your talent at scale and make great development accessible to everyone through self-directed development. AI guides and nudges your learners and line managers, and helps to identify the best development activities.


AI-enabled, not only to personalize but to guide and nudge

Help your people learn how to develop. Guide them to the most effective development activities through AI. Our algorithms suggest and nudge. They never dictate. Your learners are in charge. Always. Develop a great user experience at the same time.

Inspire through career pathing and development journeys

Knowing where you go inspires. Whether it is reskilling in times of change or developing for future leadership roles, clearly set out career paths and development journeys provide clarity, focus and motivation.

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Create focus & engagement through objective setting

Your best talent want to learn, but often they don’t know what to learn. Give them focus and unleash their potential. Create personalised development objectives for each learner and define the most effective mix of development activities for each to complete.

Develop with purpose

Link your people’s development to what matters to your organisation. Upload your capability frameworks, with all their quirks, levels and differences in a few minutes with our easy upload wizard. Let your capabilities, competencies and values make development relevant and embed the right behaviours and technical skills. For the here and now and the next level up.

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Never again let development fizzle out

Self-directed learning doesn’t just benefit from great self-assessment and guidance. It also needs good progress tracking and nudges. Never again let development fizzle out by helping your learners track their progress.

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Accelerate Your Early Career Talent.

Early career talent are eager to develop. But they often don’t know how to do this effectively or what to focus on. Help them become lifelong learners by instilling an ethos of self-directed development.

Analytics and Smart Recommendations

Talupp makes on-the-job learning something that not only benefits leaders and organisations, it becomes something that HR can track, reward and measure. For the first time, track your organisation’s learning culture and see behaviours change and performance improve.

Embed a Learning and Feedback Culture

Embed a culture where employees develop everyday as part of their day job and not only when they are attending a training webinar. No more ‘stop-start’ to development. Instil a growth mindset and foster creativity and innovation.