Creative Thinking
and Agile Working

Solutions for a Disrupted World

Agile working is no longer confined to software development teams. In a world that is defined by disruption and volatility, we need to be ready to respond quickly and flexibly and with innovative solutions.  

10 high-impact tools and techniques to increase every team's creativity.

Learn about the power of the subconscious.

Effective for big hairy creativity challenges, team work and small, everyday improvments.

Learn about the importance of the creativity mindset, abundance and daily nudges.

Develop your creativity mantra.

Choose from 10 techniques.

I learned a number of different techniques. It’s a great opportunity to learn about yourself and what I can do differently. I'll definitely use some of the techniques in my job. Thank you!


Ideas and specific ideas to take away. Not many workshops give you something so concrete.

Senior HR Manager