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Transitioning from an individual contributor to a people manager is one of the most formative career moves. A successful transition involves not only a change in responsibilities but also a change in mindset and the willingness to let go of the things we once excelled at.

10 types of effective mentoring support and when to use them

Learn about the difference between psychosocial and career-focused mentoring

Particularly effective for women's mentoring programmes. Insights into common pitfalls to be avoided

Learn about mentor bias and how to avoid it. 

Discover the importance of good mentor contracting.

 Insights into common pitfalls to be avoided.

I have applied the learning from this workshop to all of my mentoring relationships and have seen them all become much more productive. I found the distinction between psychosocial and career-focused mentoring and how they play differentroles in a mentee's caerer very useful

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