Embed a Learning and Feedback Culture

Embed a culture where employees develop everyday as part of their day job and not only when they are attending a training webinar. No more ‘stop-start’ to development. Instil a growth mindset and foster creativity and innovation.

Measure your learning culture

See how individual team members, teams and the entire organisation engage in development and how effectively they are supported by their line managers

Powerful 360 functionality for everyone

Give everyone access to powerful and agile feedback functionality:

full 360-degree feedback

 stretch surveys for promotion 

 pulse surveys

 project feedback

 and much more

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2 minutes is a magic unit of time. Develop in the flow of work.  

Targeted 2-minute activities, including:


2-minute EQ models

quick guided reflections 

development recommendations

pulse surveys

Develop every day 

Turn everyday tasks and projects into development opportunities and foster a growth mindset. Choose from developing

as part of your role

through a stretch assignment

outside of work

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Scale and democratize through AI-enabled, self-directed development

Reskill and develop your talent at scale and make great development accessible to everyone through self-directed development. AI guides and nudges your learners and line managers and helps to identify the best development activities.



Don’t let learning stop at the end of a training video. 80% of new knowledge is forgotten in 7 days if not applied. Turn new knowledge into applied skills and measurable performance improvements  with Talupp’s development ecosystem.

Accelerate Your Early Career Talent

Early career talent are eager to develop. But they often don’t know how to do this effectively or what to focus on. Help them become lifelong learners by instilling an ethos of self-directed development.