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Accelerate and Retain

For talent transitioning to middle management roles and those 3 to 5 years away from senior roles. Increase self-awareness and develop an understanding of personal strengths to build the foundations for continued career progression. AI-enabled suggestions for additional stretch tasks to consolidate strengths. Early stretch projects allow your high-potential talent to show what they can do and provide first leadership experiences.

Facilitated sessions to cover skills such as personal impact, people management and career planning. Develop dedicated skills development modules, including curated content from you LXP.

One-click assessment of career strengths. Agile career pathing

Expose program participants to alternative perspectives and processes

Build a network of peers and support each other as a cohort

Early access to high-impact challenges

Rich feedback. Track behavioural change over time. Adapt development flexibly

Our high-potential talent want to show what they can do and are keen to get exposure to new projects. They thrive on new challenges. And these challenges help them develop faster, too.



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