The Experience Development Platform

Talupp is a smart, AI-powered development platform. Personalised, experience-based development that can be used anytime, anywhere. Grow your future leaders and transform your organisation to succeed in the flow of work. 


Here’s how it works …

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One-click AI-enabled assessment of a LinkedIn profile delivers key experience insights to guide future development.

The AI-engine suggests practical activities to address development needs and build on strengths.

...on the mobile phone
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Two-minute guided reflections turn everyday tasks into learning opportunities and new theoretical knowledge into effective skills.

...or the desktop

Track development progress every step of the way.

Experiences at work become measurable development opportunities.

Line managers have visibility of their people’s development and receive AI-enabled development suggestions for their teams. Success profiles for each team member guide development discussions.

Add-on consultancy services

At Talupp, we’re not just about the technology, we also have add-on consultancy services to support your people development.