Driving Positive Behaviours and Decisions

Organisations are social systems that bring together people to achieve an organisation's vision. Learn how to harness people’s energies and motivations through effective influencing techniques to ensure their decisions and behaviours help you deliver outstanding results

6 highly-effective and easy

to implement influencing strategies.

Effective for interactions with direct reports, colleagues, customers, family and friends.

Learn about the power of psychology and how small tweaks in behaviour and wording can have a big impact on your ability to influence others.

Learn about the power of the anchoring bias.

Discover the influential power of social proof.

Choose from 6 easy techniques. 

Great workshop. Easy to use, bite-size tools to take away and use. 


Influencing is a key skill and I have picked up lots of great tips. One of the best sessions I have been to in terms of relevance and being current.


Ines is wonderful and insightful. A total pro.

Participants at FIRM's Women in Leadership Workshop