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6 Key Elements to

Rapid Upskilling

Lessons from BlueOptima’s Levels of Zen Upskilling Programme

20th July 2021 2-3pm

There has never been a greater need for organisations to upskill and develop their people

A recent Chartered Management Institute (CMI) report quotes research that by 2030, 7 million additional workers could be under-skilled for their job requirements. That equates to 20% of the workforce. The pandemic has accelerated the already significant impact of technology, automation and AI on business.

Join us for this interactive, 1-hour webinar webinar to hear from

David Gorton, Head of Talent & People at BlueOptima about building an in-house solution to rapid skills development in a fast-growing organisation. David will share BlueOptima’s key practices for driving rapid upskilling.


Dr. Ines Wichert - Author of Accelerated Leadership Development about best practice of self-directed talent development from 30+ organisations

The session is facilitated by Rob Baker, CEO of Potentia Consulting and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management.

What will be covered in this webinar?

How to effectively balance agility and the need for clear skills definitions

Ensuring that upskilling translates into measurable performance improvements

Designing a portfolio of effective initiatives to close skills gaps

Delivering skills transformation across a globally dispersed organisation

Implementing dynamic tracking of skills development and impact

David Gorton

David, Global Head of Talent & People at BlueOptima, will talk about BlueOptima’s Levels of Zen rapid upskilling programme and how the organisation uses experiential development to ensure that skills training leads to measurable performance improvements.

Dr Ines Wichert

Ines will share highlights from her latest book Accelerated Leadership Development. How to turn your top talent into leaders (shortlisted for the Business Book Award), including proven strategies for effective leadership development from best-in-class organisations.

Rob Baker

Rob will facilitate the discussion and draw on findings from the recent Chartered Management Institute (CMI) report Management Transformed to which he contributed.