Develop Your Line Managers

Let your line managers develop people skills while managing their direct reports, in the flow of work. Adapted to the new working realities for remote and flexible working.

EQ. The foundation for all outstanding people managers. 

Give your line managers access to skills that will help them manage and engage others: 



quality conversations 

conflict management

and many more

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AI-enabled, not only to personalize but to guide and nudge

development suggestions 

nudges and reminders

management tips

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Powerful tools at their disposal

Talupp's AI-powered tool for blended development takes the heavy lifting off your line managers’ shoulders:

diagnose development needs 

set effective development activities

track progress 

identify talent

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Supportive and
engaged line managers

Enable your managers to stay up to date and in touch:

micro feedback

chat functionality

progress tracking

spot talent

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Learn through feedback from the team

Line managers can request feedback from their team 

Learn through pulse feedback

Set an example for the team

Instil a learning culture

Learn about other use cases
Accelerate Your Early Career Talent

Early career talent are eager to develop. But they often don’t know how to do this effectively or what to focus on. Help them become lifelong learners by instilling an ethos of self-directed development.

Analytics and Smart Recommendations

Talupp makes on-the-job learning something that not only benefits leaders and organisations, it becomes something that HR can track, reward and measure. For the first time, track your organisation’s learning culture and see behaviours change and performance improve.

Scale and democratize through AI-enabled, self-directed development

Reskill and develop your talent at scale and make great development accessible to everyone through self-directed development. AI guides and nudges your learners and line managers and helps to identify the best development activities.