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Tailored, in-person development programmes that drive success

Endless webinars, numerous development programmes, and still, the gap between knowledge and practical application yawns wide. We’ve all been there - the enthusiastic nodding during training sessions, the flurry of notes taken, only to be enveloped by the day-to-day once back at the desk, leaving new insights unapplied and eventually forgotten.

80% of new knowledge is fogotten in 7 days if it’s not applied!

At Talupp, we champion a distinctive method that ensures the ripple effects of training aren’t lost in the ocean of daily operations, but rather, create a sustained wave of actionable improvement throughout your team and organisation.

The result?

Change actually happens.

The Talupp distinction

Our development programmes are not one-off workshops; they're immersive journeys specifically tailored to your team’s unique needs and organisational culture.

We merge theoretical knowledge with applicable stretch assignments, ensuring your talent is not just absorbing information but actively employing it in real-world scenarios.

The Talupp training is an amalgamation of curated, high-impact content and cooperative learning experiences, all designed to be slip seamlessly into everyday roles.


And our expert trainers and facilitators are skilled at creating an environment that stimulates, challenges, and kindles tangible change.

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Multiplying the benefits with the Talupp platform

And, by pairing our hands-on, expert-led training with the powerful capabilities of the Talupp platform, you can elevate your talent development even further.

Holistic integration: Seamlessly weave learning into daily operations.
Continuous development: Leverage the platform to extend the life of your training, nurturing ongoing growth.

Actionable analytics: See and understand the tangible impacts of training with an intuitive dashboard.

Sustained support: Beyond in-person sessions, our platform provides the steady hand of guidance and reinforcement.

Unified progression: Align individual development with your broader organisational goals.

"The project secured a 98% completion rate for the career conversations. This meant that executives were able to conduct people reviews by the end of the year with accurate and timely data."


“Companies like Talupp understand your needs. They target the solution for you. With other companies, you have to adapt to them, but with Talupp you have the freedom to get exactly what you and the organisation want.”


“The Talupp platform provides a structure to see that development through and it has enabled development conversations to become the norm.”


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