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Accelerating Women’s Career Progression

PWN chose Talupp’s 3-month blended ACCELERATE programme.

Accelerating Women’s Career Progression

The challenge

PWN London is one of London’s top independent women’s networks with a mission to accelerate women’s careers through networking and skills-based events. Members come from a range of industries and companies, including professional and financial services, technology and the telecommunications sector. PWN London wanted to provide a multi-month programme for its premium, paid members that generates measurable career results.


The solution


PWN chose Talupp’s 3-month blended ACCELERATE programme which combines high-impact, face-to-face or virtual workshops with the use of Talupp’s Experiential Leadership Development Platform to provide a continuous development experience for participants.

The workshop content was carefully curated to prepare participants for leadership in a VUCA world* and covered important topics such as high-performance mindset, creative thinking, political savvy and resilience. The workshops were seamlessly integrated with Talupp’s development platform.

Research shows that women’s careers benefit from taking on high-visibility stretch assignments to gain greater breadth of experience and more visibility in the organisation.

Talupp’s Experiential Leadership Development Platform helped participants identify career strengths and areas for development and suggested the most powerful stretch assignments for their development. The user app guided participants through completing the development activities, while encouraging them to maximise their learning through regular reflection.

Nudges, learning analytics and weekly progress summaries, along with feedback from the course facilitator and ‘thumbs up’ for development effort, shared via the facilitator dashboard ensured learning progress and activity completion.



The PWN members who joined the programme earlier this year have made some great progress. It is amazing how many stretch assignments there are available once you start looking for them.

Beth Twigger, Head of Programmes, PWN London

Top 3 Benefits


Insights into the importance of on-the-job learning and visibility-raising stretch assignments


AI-enabled assessment of career strengths, areas for development and most effective development activities


Skills training that focus on success in a VUCA world

Unbiased, data-driven talent decisions

Make better decisions by letting the data speak for itself. Don’t be distracted
by those who shout the loudest or who have the strongest advocates. Identify and focus on the people who deliver results and have true potential.

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