Good things come in threes.

Talupp’s Experiential Talent Development Platform brings together the three key stakeholders of successful development: emerging talent, their managers and the organisation.

Personalised development that fits into the flow of work

Emerging TALENT

Develop anytime, anywhere

4 modes of mobile development: watch, do, reflect, and feedback, in as little as 2 minutes at a time.

Personalised, AI-powered development suggestions

On-the-job development activities that are matched to your employees’ development needs and your organisation’s strategy.

Reflect ‘on the go’

Extract maximum learning from each situation, increase self-awareness and get a little bit better each day.

The Talupp Leadership Development App fits into talent's agile flow of work
Talupp gives deep talent pool insights and tracks development progress

The Line Manager

Better talent decisions

Make better talent decisions

Track strengths and areas for development, effort and project completion, both at an individual and a team level.

Save time and increase development quality

Delegate part of the development process to Talupp and let the algorithms do the heavy lifting. Add value where and when it matters most.

Improve performance

Feedback and chat functionalities that encourage face-to-face conversations and improve performance.

Provide access to leadership development for a larger group of people and increase the visibility of your talent.

The Organisation

Actionable development and talent analytics

Develop a stronger talent pipeline

Increase your organisation’s resilience through a stronger pipeline of future-ready talent. Maximise development through on-the-job learning and daily reflections. 

Instill an agile, self-directed learning culture

Embed a scalable, self-directed learning culture. Provide access to talent development for a larger group of people and increase the visibility of your talent.

Deliver against your digital transformation agenda

Use the power of Talupp’s digital and AI-powered Experiential Talent Development Platform to create an effective and engaging learning experience for your organisation.


Get it done!

Action plans, nudges & reminders. Adoption statistics and implementation guidance

24/7 Development

Mobile app for your people. Responsive web portals for managers and the organisation.

Make it your own

Fully tailored to your organisation


A smart platform, powered by algorithms that assess, guide and support, but never dictate.

World-Class Thinking

Powered by validated frameworks & ‘best in class’ development thinking

Real-time Insights

Individual, manager and organisational development analytics. As they happen.