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Succession Planning

Turn succession planning
into a retention tool.

Your one-stop solution for data-driven succession planning.
Identify and develop talent for any role, including leadership and business critical roles.


Integrate with career management to increase engagement and turn succession plans into reality through Talupp’s personal development ecosystem that harnesses the power of on-the-job learning. 


It’s easy, intuitive and inclusive and can be done at scale, so no one needs to miss out on the chance to realise their potential. 

Image 6_LEP.png

Effective development for the
talent on your succession plans


Support line managers in identifying talent
with confidence


Light-touch yet effective assessment
of employees’ future potential


AI-powered succession plan recommendations


Track progress and behavioural change

Let talent speak for themselves and
find hidden gems


Give everyone access to great development
and let their progress speak for itself


Monitor engagement


Track behavioural change


Easily identify development activities outside
a person’s comfort zone and stretch them

Image 21.png

Set effective yet agile development plans


Strengthen current capabilities


Develop cross-functional experience


Real-life development activities


Reflections and feedback

Unbiased, data-driven talent decisions

Make better decisions by letting the data speak for itself. Don’t be distracted
by those who shout the loudest or who have the strongest advocates. Identify and focus on the people who deliver results and have true potential.

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Develop with Purpose

Align development journeys and succession planning to business needs. Our AI matches employees’ development needs and your succession planning to projects in the organisation. Drive succession planning with self-directed development.


Drive personal and organisational success through laser-like focus. Set, align and monitor organisational objectives. Provide clarity and enhance personal performance in fast changing environments.

Actionable HR Analytics 

Track critical HR data and make better decisions for enhanced succession planning, career and personal development, and performance management. Focus on one area of interest or use integrated analytics for the bigger picture.

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