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Taking Takeda’s Leaders to the Next Level

Takeda is a global biopharmaceutical company employing 53,000 people with a long history.

Taking Takeda’s Leaders
to the Next Level

The challenge

Takeda is a global biopharmaceutical company employing 53,000 people with a long history. Founded in Japan in 1781, the organisation now has operations in 80 countries and regions.


Miguel Del Coso Sanchez is the HR Director UK & Ireland for Takeda and engaged Talupp for a very specific challenge – to develop the emerging leaders into the Takeda stars of the future. Miguel chose Talupp for its scientific and metric-drive approach, as he explains: “When I met Ines, I was captivated by the evidence base for the Talupp approach. Talupp’s solutions are robust and structured. They’re not just about knowledge development, but about building capabilities too.”


Miguel was keen to ensure that talent development for Takeda’s cohort of emerging leaders was structured and deliberate. “I get the impression that too often talent development is not done in a structured way.” Miguel asserts. “If someone is lucky enough to have a good, experienced manager then they may put something in place, otherwise development is often just a plan on paper. I wanted to change that and ensure that more people had access to great leadership development. I wanted to set up a new set of leaders to be true enterprise leaders regardless of their manager or department.”


The solution


Talupp worked with Miguel to establish a development programme that would enable these emerging leaders to develop the knowledge and skills they needed and set the standard at Takeda. Critically, the development programme was focused on stretch assignments, reflection, mentoring and action learning groups. These were the aspects of leadership development that have been shown to be most effective.


Takeda selected 10 people for the initial Talupp programme. Each person completed an assessment to identify strengths and to help pinpoint critical areas for development.  Development in the form of stretch assignments, reflection and mentoring was focused on creating enterprise leaders – people who could think big picture and beyond their own functional area of expertise.


The result


According to Miguel, the impact of the Talupp leadership development programme has been both direct and indirect, as he explains: “The first thing is that we’re already starting to see evidence of enterprise thinking – that’s the direct impact. We’re also seeing people reflecting more on what they are doing and how they are developing.”


“The indirect impact is that the rest of the organisation can see this group of leaders benefitting from the development. That gives others an interest in their own leadership development and to put themselves forward for development and leadership roles.” 


Working with Talupp has been a very positive experience for Miguel.


Companies like Talupp understand your needs. They target the solution for you. With other companies, you have to adapt to them, but with Talupp you have the freedom to get exactly what you and the organisation wants.

The Talupp app gives access to leadership development to more people than Takeda might otherwise have been able to develop. It also means that those taking part are able to develop at a time and place that suits them.   “Many leaders in organisations accept HR because it’s a department that they need to have, rather than really believing in the importance of HR. With the old kind of development plan, HR would chase you to complete it and the leaders would do it just to tick a box.

This kind of offering from Talupp is exactly what emerging leaders need and while it’s helping them to develop, it’s also elevating the view of HR in the organisation as well.

Unbiased, data-driven talent decisions

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