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Give your people a reason to stay

Make career management personal with Talupp

Set every member of your organisation on a journey where every step is empowered, intentional, and aligned. Not just with your company’s goals, but with their individual aspirations too.

Talupp’s career management solution does more than just guide – it propels your talent toward their full potential. Always keeping your business objectives in its sights.

A professional woman in a business suit with a dashboard showing her career goals making career management easy for the organisation
Diagram representing personalised learning journeys

Continuous, in-the-flow learning: Use our nudges, content library, and workflows to encourage a culture where learning isn’t isolated but is an integral, continuous part of daily operations and career progression.

Personalised learning journeys: Engage with learning and development activities that dynamically adapt to individual needs, ensuring every step on the career path is meaningful and enriching.

Man and woman having a developemnt conversations with a development plan graphic in the background

Conversations that matter: With our platform, dialogue is nurtured, leading to developmental activities that are not just tick-box exercises but pivotal milestones in every individual’s growth narrative.

Customised career management tools at your fingertips: From integrated personal development plans to tracking progress and celebrating milestones, Talupp ensures your team is always aligned, engaged, and moving forward on their respective career paths.

Make career management intuitive and inspirational

Here at Talupp, we’re reshaping the future of career management with:

✔ Transparent progress tracking
able competencies
Inclusive development opportunities
Data-driven career insights

A dashboard displaying a donut chart of different career stages and data-driven career insights

"The project secured a 98% completion rate for the career conversations. This meant that executives were able to conduct people reviews by the end of the year with accurate and timely data."


“Companies like Talupp understand your needs. They target the solution for you. With other companies, you have to adapt to them, but with Talupp you have the freedom to get exactly what you and the organisation want.”


“The Talupp platform provides a structure to see that development through and it has enabled development conversations to become the norm.”


Step Into the Future Where Every Career Flourishes

With Talupp, you’re not just managing careers; you’re crafting futures, fostering growth, and driving your organisation towards a future where every talent is an integral part of your success story.

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