The digital transformation of your leadership development that delivers benefits to learners, managers and the organisation.

Move your learning from the classroom to experiential development in the real-world. Create an engaging and highly effective experience for your people—and cut costs in the process.

Use Cases

Well-Rounded Leaders

“We need leaders who have worked in a range of settings and who anticipate the unexpected. Being good at one or two things is no longer good enough."

Virtual/Mobile Teams

“Our managers need better visibility of their geographically dispersed teams”. “A lot of our people are on the road and we need a mobile solution.”


“We need a solution that engages our high-potential talent between face-to-face workshops”. “We need a solution that allows us to reach more high-potential talent.”


“Our people managers are often still quite junior and need help with developing their teams”. “Our managers are too busy to focus on development, but we need to shift our culture to become a learning culture.”


"Our women in leadership programme doesn’t generate any results”. “Our diverse talent don’t seem to get the same access to important stretch assignments as other employees.”


“Our graduates have been spoon-fed and now there is nothing for them”. “We lose a significant number of our millennials after the graduate programme.”

What our users are saying

"I want a promotion but I’m not confident I will get one because I currently don’t get feedback about my personal development.  The feedback I receive from my manager is very task oriented, for example, “You are sometimes slow to respond to my emails.”  With Talupp, I can get a tailored development plan, which gives me what I desire most: direction. I feel like I’m still growing without needing to know when the next promotion will be.  For an ambitious person like me, I need to feel like I’m growing and the direction that Talupp gives me keeps me from leaving my employer."

High-potential middle manager.  Financial Services Company

"At the beginning of the year, we are all setting our development goals. And often that is where it stops again. Things get busy and I never do anything on my development. Talupp makes my development plan part of my day-to-day activities and anything that you give attention grows.  The main value for me is in the light touch, easy and explicit way in which I can make it part of my day-to-day tasks. It is also a great way to log what you have done; I can see the specifics of what I have delivered."

High potential manager. Distribution Industry

"Talupp helps me to be mindful and appreciative of what I have been doing and learning. When you are on a project, you are often simply ticking off one deliverable after another without paying attention to what you are learning.  Talupp allows me to step back and appreciate what I am learning."

Individual Contributor. Professional Service Organisation

Our Principles

We can all be leaders

We believe that anyone who wants to can be a leader, irrespective of their chosen field or seniority level.  We also believe that leadership development must start early in a person's career. We have set ourselves the mission to help more employees develop the agility, innovation and accountability that underpins leadership in a volatile world - from Day 1.


At Talupp, our tools and solutions are based on evidence and our work is founded on rigorous theory and research which has been proven in practice.  Leadership may be part art and part science, however, as behavioural scientists we believe that the science part is a much better bet for predicting future outcomes. Our solutions don't just look good, they work!


Transfer of knowledge and ongoing learning are a big part of what we do. In fact, they are the main driver behind our Experiential Leadership Development Platform which supports an emerging leader’s development on a daily basis.


We also firmly believe that the best talent is diverse talent. In an increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world, we can no longer afford group think! The business case for diversity has convinced us - the evidence speaks for itself.

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