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Colleagues Working Together

Talent development that works for everyone

Link development to success, seamlessly

Building robust, skilful teams isn’t about generalisations but about tapping into the very best in each individual.

Talupp provides a haven where each employee’s developmental trajectory is respected, nurtured, and meticulously interwoven with your organisation’s needs and projects.

Unleash the power of tailored growth: Link your team’s development to real work projects, ensuring everyone grows in harmony with your business aims.

Curate journeys for all talent tiers: Easily craft developmental paths for graduates to top-tier talent with supportive feedback and skill-building adventures.

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A man in a suit stands in front of a development analytics dashboard to track and measure your organisation's progress

Blend work and skill-building: Let our AI turn daily tasks into vibrant developmental moments, empowering continuous growth on the job.

Keep your finger on the pulse: Effortlessly track, measure, and enhance your organization’s evolving learning spirit in real time.

Develop, reflect, feedback, repeat.

Talupp’s AI-driven solution makes it easy for you to develop every member of your organisation, whether they’re part of a graduate programme, a new line manager, or a potential leader.

And you can do it all through automated workflows on our platform. Take advantage of:

✔ EQ modules that boost the skills you want
Personalised learning paths
Built-in reflective practices, 360 feedback, and habit-forming nudges
Multi-source development data from our Growth+ engine

All designed to help you track your organisation’s learning culture in real time. Without the headache or 67 spreadsheets.

A diverse group of professionals discussing talent development strategy

"The project secured a 98% completion rate for the career conversations. This meant that executives were able to conduct people reviews by the end of the year with accurate and timely data."


“Companies like Talupp understand your needs. They target the solution for you. With other companies, you have to adapt to them, but with Talupp you have the freedom to get exactly what you and the organisation want.”


“The Talupp platform provides a structure to see that development through and it has enabled development conversations to become the norm.”


Work towards a greater purpose with Talupp

Foster an environment where learning thrives collectively.

Let Talupp help you build a collaborative learning ecosystem.

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