Decide what leadership experiences matter most for your organisation and let TalUpp do the rest. TalUpp will coach and guide your talent to turn every role into a leadership development opportunity​, engaging and inspiring them along the way.

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Revolutionise your personal development process by fully enabling your high-potential talent to manage their own careers and development. 


Milestones and actions, as well as personalised reminders, nudges and gamification ensure that your talent invest time to work on their development.

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Enable your emerging leaders to reflect on their learning and get a little bit better each day. Powerful, one-minute guided reflections that fit into the busy lives of emerging leaders. Capture daily learning and help practice leadership behaviours. And for those crucial events, invite mentors and trusted peers for a more in-depth reflection.

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The digital leadership Development GPS

TalUpp is there for your emerging leaders whenever and wherever they need it. It helps them understand where they are on their leadership journey and how to get to the next level.


Our AI-enabled development framework provides direction and a longer-term career vision. TalUpp is a fully integrated leadership development solution; it includes blueprints to guide your users, gamification and reminders as well as inspirational content.