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Visibility through Career-Enhancing Roles

The programme combines important skills development for diverse talent on topics such as leadership, courageous conversations, political savvy and high-performance mindset, together with addressing underlying career fundamentals such as career paths, visibility and access to stretch assignments. Between sessions, participants accelerate their career progression and leadership development by using Talupp’s AI-enabled development platform which provides access to career-enhancing stretch assignments.

Based on Talupp's proven 5C model: critical job assignments, courage, curiosity, connectedness and career planning.

One-click assessment of career strengths. Agile career pathing

AI-enabled suggestions for additional stretch tasks to consolidate strengths and activities to develop the foundations for leadership skills.

Reframe past roles into leadership experiences and increase confidence in own career history & courage to reach for the next challenge. Clear understanding of stepping stones to top roles.

Discover the power of stretch assignments for diverse talent’s careers

Build visibility and networks through mentors.

I wish I had known about the importance of having a variety of different key roles on my CV when I started out 20 years ago. All of our women need to know this and learn how to go about getting these stretch roles.



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