Engage and retain your emerging leaders through
focused career and development solutions
Direction & purpose.

Our solutions provide direction and purpose for your emerging leaders while ensuring that accountability for their careers stays with them.

Experimentation, autonomy & mastery.

Our experiential learning solutions provide opportunities for experimentation, autonomy and mastery - key drivers for motivation and engagement.

Diverse talent.

We work across the talent pipeline and can help you accelerate your diverse talent who particularly benefit from better career development and access to experiential development opportunities.



Leadership Acceleration for Women


Developing the leadership potential of your diverse talent through diagnostics and enablement


Women in Leadership Programmes

Our programmes are based on years of rigorous research into women’s career progression. While confidence building and developing your brand are great 'feel good' elements which have their place in women's leadership development, we believe in a harder hitting and more sustainable approach. Among other things, we focus on career paths, leadership experiences and risk-taking for progression. What's more, TalUpp, our innovative and highly engaging digital leadership development app, is an integral part of each of our programmes helping transfer learning and actions from the programme into everyday working life.


“I wish I had known about the importance of having a variety of different key roles on my CV when I started out 20 years ago. All of our women need to know this and learn how to go about getting these stretch roles.” 

                                                                     Female Executive, financial services organisation


Career Diagnostics for Diverse Talent


We often hear anecdotal feedback about why some diverse talent may not stay or progress in an organisation. However, anecdotes are rarely a good foundation for effective solution. We will use data and insights to help you identify what drives your diverse talents’ engagement and personal satisfaction with career opportunities so that you can retain your best talent. We will also help you identify the top drivers for your diverse talents’ career progression so that you can take the right actions to keep progressing them up the leadership pipeline. Retention and progression issues require different solutions.