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Strong Career Foundations

Learn about career accelerators and unleash the desire for learning through AI-enabled guidance that takes away the guesswork of early career personal development. Develop curiosity, a ‘can do’ mindset and organisation-wide thinking through a variety of practical activities. Build a strong personal network and learn with others. Learn how to manage yourself through dedicated programme modules that centre on emotional intelligence. Not something else to do, but fully integrated with the day job.

Learn about managing yourself, prioritisation and delivering outstanding results

Translate new knowledge into effective skills through AI-enabled development activities

Learn how to learn through reflection, with peers and through feedback from others

Develop curiosity and learn about the importance of breadth of experience from Day 1. Discover agile career paths

Discover career management skills and the power of experiential development

Accelerate development through rich feedback


The advantages to starting career management earlier are that you shift people's mindsets about what a career path looks like. You move them from a narrow to a more holistic career management approach. You open their eyes earlier to what is possible. As a result, you get more rounded business people.


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