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Successful Managers, Successful Teams

Develop skills and confidence and accelerate the transition from individual contributor to successful people manager. Provide a powerful combination of managerial skills development, personal reflections, and practical activities to experiment and build confidence. Track behavioural change over time.

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Facilitated sessions covering core people management processes and skills, e.g. coaching for line managers, courageous conversations and assertiveness

Dedicated emotional intelligence modules that focus on managing others

Successfully transition from an individual contributor to a people manager through regular personal and peer reflections

Develop through practical activities, by learning with peers, and through feedback from direct reports.

Integrate with professional qualifications

Identify personal development needs and gain rich feedback from multiple sources

Successful line managers have not only learned new management skills, they have also adapted the way they think about themselves and the people they now manage. Reflections and peer learning are just as important as is the opportunity to practice new skills.



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