Agile, accountable and future-ready leaders are developed through opportunities to leave their comfort zone. Learning by doing works. But too often it’s ad hoc, unplanned, and disconnected from career or leadership development.

Talupp’s solution combines AI, nudge theory and experiential learning to develop your future leaders, without taking them away from their important day job. In fact, the day job is at the centre of Talupp’s development approach.

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Over 80% of new e-learning is lost after only 7 days without active practice.

Leadership development leads to a 32% increase in people performance and a 23% increase in organisational performance. 
71% of global organisations regard their current leaders as incapable of leading the organisation into the future.

It's no secret, conventional e-learning delivers little value. Grow your talent through experiential development that is personalised, measurable and scalable.

Identify, BLEND & Accelerate

Supercharge the power of learning-by-doing with a blended learning approach. Combine in-person development with Talupp’s AI-enabled ecosystem to provide immersive development journeys.

Identify talent through self-directed development journeys and then accelerate your most promising talent through focused development programmes on the platform.

Set dedicated journeys and programmes for different talent pools: graduates, high-potentials, diverse talent, emerging leaders. Track progress,  demonstrate ROI, save HR headcount.


Talupp works with you

For larger organisations with an established LMS, use the Talupp platform for focused leadership development journeys for your critical talent pools - graduates, high-potentials and diverse talent. The platform works with your existing LMS and competency framework to complement other generic learning and development activities.

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For smaller organisations, the Talupp platform is a powerful LMS to guide your talent through tailored development journeys that works to embed new skills and competencies. The platform brings premium features typically reserved to the leadership development to all your learners through self-directed development and managed programmes, creating an unrivalled development experience.

The Talupp platform offers

One-click, AI-enabled career strengths profiles

Nudges to develop skills and capabilities in the flow of work

On-the-job learning linked to the key experiences needed for leadership excellence

Dashboard insights for line managers and HR to assess progress

For all organisations, Talupp offers add-on consultancy packages if you need additional support or if you want to provide blended development solutions. Our people are experts in leadership development.


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