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Reskill talent and

develop agile leaders for tomorrow's success

The smart, AI-powered talent development platform. Personalised, experience-based development that can be used anytime, anywhere. Grow your talent and transform your organisation to succeed in the New Normal.

Talupp Leadership Development App

Over 80% of new e-learning is lost after only 7 days without active practice.

Future-ready leaders are developed through opportunities to leave their comfort zone. Agility, accountability and innovation cannot be developed in the classroom. 
71% of global organisations regard their current leaders as incapable of leading the organisation into the future.

It's no secret, conventional talent development delivers little value. 

Grow your talent through experiential development that is personalised, effective and digital.

A talent enjoying Talupp's meaningful development in 2-minute chunks approach

Through experiential development


Harness the power of on-the-job learning

Bring the 70-20-10 model of development to life and turn everyday situations and organisational projects into high-impact learning opportunities.

Future-ready talent

Get results and develop agile, accountable and innovative talent through exposure to leadership challenges and unfamiliar environments.

Grow your organisation

Organisations must continually evolve which generates new initiatives and projects that need to be resourced. Our algorithms help you match your employees’ development needs to your organisational growth projects.

A talent using the Talupp Experiential Leadership Development Platform on a laptop.


Engaging, AI-powered development

Individually tailored

Talupp’s algorithms help your employees assess their career strengths and development areas and guide them to the most powerful development activities.


Nudges, progress analytics, gamification and manager feedback keep employees engaged and focused on their development.

Talupp’s unique Experiential Leadership Development approach brings step change transformation in learning effectiveness and return on learning investment.


Develop in the flow of work

Bite-sized development

Meaningful development in 2-minute chunks. No more excuses.

Mobile and remote access

Access to all development functionality 24/7. Enable your people to learn where and when it is most effective for them.

Scalable and sustainable

Self-directed learning for a much larger group of employees. Democratise development and get more bang for your development bucks.