Unique leadership framework

that emphasises the importance of leadership experience and on-the-job learning. Provide your emerging leaders with career clarity and create excitement about the possibility of turning every role into a leadership development opportunity​.

Interactive development plan

that can be integrated with your existing talent management processes. Engage and retain your emerging leaders by enabling them to continually learn and progress while strengthening your leadership pipeline at the same time. 


with built-in reflection, action planning and manager chat functionality. Turn everyday situations into high-impact learning opportunities and develop high-performing leaders at all levels of your organisation.


enables instant access to all learning content and development functionality 24/7. Never again restrict leadership development to office hours. Your emerging leaders will learn where and when it is most effective and most important for them.

Manager dashboard

that provides aggregated and real-time information. Provides managers with immediate insights into their team’s development plans, activities and progress. Integrated chat functionality that encourages face-to-face dialogue.