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Working at the Office

Feedback perfected

Turn feedback into focused action with Talupp

Feedback is no longer limited to a single conversation with your line manager, where you try to remember everything that’s happened in a year.

Instead Talupp’s 360 solution helps you build a true picture of the last 12 months. Pulling in valuable insights from colleagues, clients, team members, and managers. Combine this with the HR analytics you’re collecting, and you can set out clear development paths for each member of your team.

A man smiling while choosing a survey type

Collect in-depth insights: Use the power of 360 feedback alongside pulse and stretch surveys, enabling you to gather rich and timely insights into employee performance, so you don’t miss a thing.

Turn feedback into action: Leverage the insights derived from 360 feedback to build personalized development journeys within the platform effortlessly, turning valuable feedback into actionable, strategic talent development paths.

A woman analysing graphs and charts on a tablet, reviewing 360-degree feedback ratings.

See the whole picture: Encourage a culture of transparent and constructive feedback where every team member’s voice is valued. So your development and succession planning benefits from comprehensive appraisals and a holistic understanding of individual and team performance.

Data-driven talent nurturing: Pair the qualitative data from 360 feedback with Talupp’s robust analytics, helping you correlate feedback with skill gaps. And making sure development is targeted and impactful.

Weave success through every interaction

Imagine a beautiful tapestry hanging on your wall: each thread is a piece of feedback, vital and unique.

With Talupp's 360 feedback, every thread—every comment and insight—integrates to create a full, rich picture of your team's talents and opportunities.

We help you not only see the collective masterpiece of your organisation but also spotlight threads that need extra care, ensuring every individual's growth contributes to the overall vibrant pattern of success. Explore with us, and let's weave a thriving future together.

Different dashboards showing 360-degree analytics, survey summary etc

"The project secured a 98% completion rate for the career conversations. This meant that executives were able to conduct people reviews by the end of the year with accurate and timely data."


“Companies like Talupp understand your needs. They target the solution for you. With other companies, you have to adapt to them, but with Talupp you have the freedom to get exactly what you and the organisation want.”


“The Talupp platform provides a structure to see that development through and it has enabled development conversations to become the norm.”


Full-circle feedback, full-spectrum growth

With Talupp you can access a reflective practice cycle that fits intuitively into your workflows, taking the heavy lifting off of your HR team.

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