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7 Key Steps to Developing Future-Ready Leaders.

Lessons from Takeda’s Nurturing New Leaders programme and beyond

8th June 2021   1 – 2pm

Effective leadership development is a

business imperative

Join our interactive, 1-hour webinar to

Hear  from our experts about the key steps of developing future-ready leaders


Miguel del Coso Sanchez, HR Director Takeda UK & Ireland


Dr. Ines Wichert - Author of Accelerated Leadership Development and CEO of Talupp


Rob Baker, CEO of Potentia Consulting and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management

Put your  questions to our speakers, share your observations and engage in a discussion with your peers in this invitation-only event.

Learn about

Accelerators and barriers to effective leadership development

Developing organisation-wide thinking, strategic direction and agility in emerging leaders

Identifying potential and the right development opportunities for each leader

Tracking progress and measuring impact

Miguel Del Coso Sanchez

Miguel, HR Director of Takeda UK & Ireland, will talk about Takeda’s groundbreaking Nurturing New Leaders programme and how the organisation used experiential development to get the next generation of leaders ready for senior leadership roles.

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Dr Ines Wichert

Ines will share highlights from her latest book Accelerated Leadership Development. How to turn your top talent into leaders (shortlisted for the Business Book Award), including proven strategies for effective leadership development from best-in-class organisations.

Rob Baker

Rob will facilitate the discussion and draw on findings from the recent Chartered Management Institute (CMI) report Management Transformed to which he contributed.   

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