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High Stretch - High Support

Our leadership programmes get your emerging leaders ready for the transition to senior roles within 1 to 3 years.  Carefully selected stretch assignments that take a person out of their comfort zone provide the most powerful development at this level. Our programmes are based on a high stretch - high support principle. In organisations with few or decreasing numbers of senior roles, our programmes also helps to pave the way for more agile succession discussions.   

Identify stretch assignments to develop breadth of experience, and to consolidate, before the move to the top, or a significant side step

One-click assessment of career strengths

Facilitated sessions to cover top leadership skills, such as agility, enterprise-thinking and managing complexity

Tailored support through coaches, mentors and or action group learning

Continuous development between sessions through personal reflections and practical assignments

Track behavioural change over time and adapt development focus flexibly

This development programme has allowed us to see our top talent operate in unfamiliar environments. The stretch roles strengthened our people’s enterprise thinking, while the mentoring accelerated their transition to a senior leader’s mindset. Coaching and peer learning increased their confidence in their own leadership potential.



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