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High Impact Development Programmes

Don’t let learning stop at the end of a training video or a workshop. 80% of new knowledge is forgotten in 7 days if not applied. Turn new knowledge into applied skills and ultimately measurable performance improvements  with Talupp’s proven development programmes.

Blended Programmes

Graduate Programmes

Diverse Talent

Line Manager Programmes

High-Potential Programmes

Leadership Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to the needs of your talent pool. They include a carefully curated combination of proven development elements, such as stretch assignments, high-impact content and learning with and from others. Their experiential development focus means that they are fully integrated with your learners’ day jobs. Our trainers, coaches and facilitators provide engaging, fun and challenging learning environments.

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Learn. Apply. Reflect. Feedback.

Turn theoretical knowledge into effective skills through relevant and applied activities. Reflect to maximise development and get feedback from others to fine-tune. Make a lack of learning transfer a thing of the past.

Build skills while working on everyday tasks and projects

Algorithms to assess and match an employee’s experiences and areas for development to development activities and projects in the organisation. Make work projects a development opportunity.

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Learn with and from others

Get support from managers who are nudged to contribute when it matters most. And get feedback from others - choose between, project feedback, pulse surveys or full 360 feedback. Or share personal reflections with mentors, coaches and trusted others for deeper insights.

Content that delivers results

Not all skills are created equal. Some are more important to effectiveness than others. Our programmes focus on turnkey skills and expereinces that pack more punch than others. Focus your talent on the top skills that enables success in their roles

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